St. Ann - The Newest YIC Addition

Date Published: 
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Youth from St. Ann are now beneficiaries of the newly opened Marcus Garvey Youth Information Centre. The Centre, which was opened on August 19, 2010, was named in honour of Marcus Garvey, National Hero and son of St. Ann. This is the sixth Youth Information Centre to be established by the NCYD and will focus on career development in the areas of entrepreneurship and resume writing as well as other programmes.

The Marcus Garvey YIC, located at Owen Sound Drive, houses fifteen computers in its facility, along with a counselling area and a Youth Empowerment Desk, where young people can get information on how to actively participate in individual and community development. Roberta Brown-Ellis, Director of Youth Policy & Programme Development stated that the Centre will roll out various programmes to cater to the needs of the youth and that they will benefit significantly from them. Also speaking at the opening, Senator Warren Newby explained that the Centre provides a positive alternative to crime and violence, as the Centre will be expanded into one of the NCYD’s Youth Business Incubators which would enable the youth of St. Ann to take advantage of the opportunities in the tourist industry.

The Centre was built through partnership between the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD) and UNICEF.