St. Catherine YIC Hosts Voice Training Workshop

Date Published: 
Monday, October 1, 2018

Since its official opening in May 2018 under the USAID/MOEYI Partnership for Improved Safety and Security in Schools, the recording studio at the St. Catherine Youth Innovation Centre has been a hub of activity for youth interested in music and careers in the recording music industry. A Voice Training Boot Camp was hosted as one in a series of activities being implemented through the YIC to improve the technical knowledge and skills of youth who utilise the recording studio.

The Voice Training Boot Camp was held on September 14, 2018, and was facilitated by recording artiste and trained vocal coach Jodian Pantry. Participants explored vocal physiology, voice warm-ups and vocal techniques throughout the 3 ½ hr-long interactive workshop. Through the session, participants were able to identify their vocal style and vocal range while being introduced to techniques for expanding range, being more confident in vocal performances and maintaining a healthy voice.


Participants at the St. Catherine YIC Voice Training Boot Camp engage in an activity aimed at keeping timing and rhythm


Faciltiator Jodian Pantry provided the attendees with tips for maintaining healthy vocals. Participants were also taken through breathing exercises and Pantry discussed discussed the role of the diaphragm, chest muscles and lungs in regulating air pressure and vibrating the vocal folds. The aspiring recording artistes also had the took the opportunity to ask specific questions of the training faciltiator, and solicit tips in improving their vocal performances. Participants demonstrated their vocals with Jodian Pantry outlining areas of strength and areas for improvement.

The session was executed through the YIC as part of initiatives under the USAID/MOEYI Partnership for Improved Safety and Security in Schools. The Voice Training Boot Camp and the broader series of activities surrounding the recording studio seek to support youth engagement through safe community spaces. Ultimately, the activities are intended to reinforce school and community safety and security efforts by contributing to improvements in the human, social and financial capital of youth engaged through the YIC.


Vocal Coach Jodian Pantry providing tips to participants at the Voice Training Boot Camp hosted at the St. Catherine YIC


Youth Empowerment Officer Orlando Pinto explained that other activities surrounding the recording studio are being planned for the YIC. In particular, youth can look forward to upcoming songwriting and studio engineering seminars. A seminar to build the capacity of youth in creating beats is also being coordinated.

Young persons who are interested in participating in these activities can visit the St. Catherine YIC at 42 Young Street, Spanish Town, or email the YIC at [email protected].