Student Councillors Urged to "Make Use of Seat"

Date Published: 
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Reverend Karl B. Johnson has encouraged student councillors to make use of the seat that they have been given at the table amongst the policymakers at the school level and above.

Reverend Johnson, General Secretary for the Jamaica Baptist Union, was speaking at the church service at the Mandeville Baptist Church on Sunday, February 5, 2018.

He spoke of a time when students were barely seen and never heard and recalled the times in the 1970s when the lobby for greater student involvement in the running of various institutions started. He re-emphasized the importance of students making their voices heard.

“Make use of your seat because you are there, not because someone is sorry for you, but because you are empowered to be there.”

The church service marked the commencement of Students’ Council Week 2018, under the theme, “Today’s Youth: a Purpose Driven Generation”. Church Services were held in each of the six NSSC Regions islandwide on the day. 

Students' Council Week is being this year from February 4-10. 


NSSC Region Five Students' Councillors at the end of their Students' Council Week Church Service