Tips For Flawless Skin This Summer

The summer is fast approaching and with the heat sweltering and school out, wearing cute and trendy outfits and visiting the beach is definitely a thing.But with the temperatures rising, eczema flare ups, acne breakouts and heat rashes imminent, skin troubles seem to be happening a little more often, especially when you have a big event coming up. YouTube searches for a skincare regimen for you seem futile, as the products are usually not in your area or way out your price range. So, with these things in mind, here a few tips for flawless skin this summer.

Clean Skin with a mild cleanser– As Jamaicans, we were socialized to scrub our skin, but this does more harm than good. Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers with micro-beads.For acne prone skin a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide works best. If you have sensitive skin, a soap free alternative may be best for you. Products we suggest are Cetaphil Cleanser, AriSulfur soap, Johnson Baby Head to Toe Cleanser and Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash.

Remove all dirt and make-up. Most persons like to keep a matte look and remain shine free in the heat and a little make-up usually does the trick. Remember to remove all the make-up especially before bed. A suggestion is to use baby or makeup wipes to remove the excess, then follow with your cleanser and water. Wash face twice a day, especially after exercising – This process removes all the dirt and oils accumulated on your skin throughout the day and make you less likely to break out.

Don’t squeeze, scratch, pick or rub pimples. Many of us are guilty of this and we usually draw for a hairpin to assist in the process, not knowing that it can lead to infection and scarring and often leaves dark spots behind. Usually the pimple will go away on its own or you can use a cream which dehydrates the pimple. Some cleansers remove blackheads, no need to squeeze, they will come out eventually. DO NOT put toothpaste and other harsh chemicals on pimples, it damages the skin.

Drink plenty water and eat properly. Water helps to hydrate the body and rid the body of impurities which sometimes cause skin flare ups. It also boosts the immune system so the body can do healing faster. Drink up, especially in this heat. Eating a balanced diet with low sugar content is better for your body and your skin will love you for it.

Keep hair clean.  Many females perpetuate the myth that dirty hair grows faster and is easier to manage. Did you know this is bad for your skin, especially your face? Dead cells from your hair ends up on the face after combing the hair, the sweat from your hair mixes with all the products you use in the hair and deposits on your face. Those are the prime conditions for bacteria to grow and also for dirt and oil to clog your pores. If you can, use organic products in the hair, like Ettenio. It is affordable and effective and a little goes a long way. So wash your hair at least fortnightly to keep your face looking radiant.

Stay out the sun. How can we tell Jamaicans to stay out the sun? Silly huh? Well limit sun exposure as much as possible, UV rays can make acne worse and make hyper pigmentation worse. So use an oil free sun block when in the sun and if you wear make-up choose one with SPF! Do not use skin lightening or “Bleaching” products Skin lightening products seem to be trending but they are dangerous. They aggravate underlying skin conditions and make them worse and when you pause or stop, it takes a while for your skin to return to normal. It also puts you at risk for skin cancers and liver disease.

So with those tips, you are well on your way to achieving beautiful and flawless skin to flaunt for the summer. If over the counter cleansers don’t work see a dermatologist, products like Retin-A can be prescribed to unclog pores and moisturizers to aid with giving you the look you desire.