Suitable for posting on social media, inclusion in presentations and as handouts for classroom and community-based discussions.



Next GENDERation Brochure



Thematic Overview One-pagers

May be used to facilitate discussions and can also be used in combination with the discussion guides for the Next GENDERation videos and animations.



Newspaper Articles

A series of articles featuring organizations working in violence prevention, youth and gender. Published in the Jamaica Gleaner in November 2015 in recognition of Youth Month.
Can be used as basis for discussion in groups. Apt for youth 12 years and above.



Role Play Scenarios
A series of role plays on bullying, sexual violence, intimate partner violence and gang/crew violence. Identify positive outcomes to potentially violent situations.
Apt for youth 12 years and above, best implemented in groups of 7 to 12 persons.



Program HMD and Program H toolkits (Promundo)
Resources, activities and guides for facilitators for hosting sessions to address gender violence with youth.


Myths about GBV (Citizen Security and Justice Programme, Ministry of National Security)
Quiz on myths and facts of gender based violence. Suitable for youth age 12 and up.



Icebreaker (Citizen Security and Justice Programme, Ministry of National Security)
A suggested exercise to enhance trust in a group before dealing with sensitive issues. Suitable for all ages.