Training and Certification are key employability assets for job security and gainful employment. There are several training and certification programmes extended to the Jamaica youth cohort. There are key youth training institutions that have been established to empower youth through the provision and access to core training programmes which will:

  1. Provide young people with employability skills hence making them ready for the world of work and enterprise development.
  2. Provide life skills
  3. Provide young people with certificates of competency in specified areas of training.

Young people can access enterprise training and certification from the following:

  1. Jamaica 4 H
  2. Jamaica Business Development Centre
  3. Jamaica Youth Business Trust

Vocational and employability training are provided by the:

  1. HEART Trust/NTA
  2. National Youth Service
  3. Children First
  4. Caribbean Maritime Institute
  5. Caribbean Institute of Technology

Life skills training for young people can be accessed at:

  1. Dispute Resolution Foundation
  2. Jamaica Red Cross
  3. Boys and Girls Brigade
  4. Pathfinders
  5. The National Inter-School Brigade
  6. The Girl Guides Association of Jamaica
  7. Cadets

Literacy and numeracy trainings are provided to all young people who have been unable to complete the formal education system at:

  1. Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning
  2. Ministry of Education