Tribalism of Political System one of the main roots of evil.

Jamaicans should remember that before JLP and PNP, we all people... from the same race, from the same GOD called upon to work together for the greater good of a society. Why then do we kill our brothers and sisters or deny them of a job because of their preference and or affliction to a party. It should not be so.
Additionally, the creation of garrison politics was the main and most incremental way to maintain the tribalistic rituals and traditions of communities, no matter how dissatisfied residents were with their performance they had to vote by will or they would be forced to, commonly by threats to arm them or a family member. Let's put a stop to this. It's said that corruption can never be eliminated from politics but at least don't put the lives of your brother's and sister's at risk. Freedom of choice is a must in this country and should be exercised.