"Vision - Execution = Hallucination"

The room at the Clarendon Youth Information Centre was a sea of blue, pebbled with radiant smiles from well-wishers and the remarkable team from Sutherland Community Technology Centre. It was a celebration of accomplishment and tenacity, especially for those whose lives had frequent ebbs and flows of challenges.

Last September, Youth Empowerment Officer, Chevelle Campbell saw an ad on Facebook for a Free Course in Microsoft Digital Literacy and visioned it as a grand opportunity for young people in Clarendon. The ad pushed her to contact Sutherland via Facebook but the response took a little while. “Things looked hopeful from the beginning but there was a point when I was worried that things wouldn’t work out” she confessed. “I remained hopeful and within a week, we got confirmation.”


As the turbulence of anticipation calmed and the deal was solidified, the ad was placed on the Clarendon Youth Information Centre’s Facebook page and the results were tremendous. Dozens of young persons registered for the course through any medium they could in the first 48 hours and it was then that the course was extended and ran for two months, September and October. They were grateful for a practical course that could aid in personal as well as professional development at no cost. Since then, the Centre has received many more requests to host similar courses in other skill areas.

Yesterday was a landmark experience since it was Sutherland CTC’s first time working in Clarendon, a location where they currently do not have a center.  The group was diverse in competency and ability ranging from High School dropouts to University graduates, but everyone passed the course and did extremely well.

The Clarendon Youth Information Centre is working assiduously to implement more courses like these in the near future, as well as to partner again with Sutherland to host another cohort of the Microsoft Digital Literacy Course.

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The sea of blue was calm yesterday, but has definitely seen turbulence. It reminded us that hard work, dedication and willingness to improve ourselves can result in nothing short of-mesmerizing. It reminded us that we should continue to surf the waves of live, as vision without execution is merely a hallucination.