Y.I.C. Services

Youth Innovation Centres offer a wide range of services to young people. However, in the main, the services offered at each YIC tends to be centered on Career Development, the promotion of Healthy (sexual) Lifestyles, Youth Entrepreneurship and Personal Empowerment. The Youth Innovation Centre is a good place to start if a young person wants to:

  • become more involved in Youth Work
  • have someone to talk to
  • build self-esteem and confidence
  • get information and brochures on HIV/AIDS and other STI’s and diseases
  • find out how to maintain a Healthy(sexual) Lifestyle
  • Get information on local and international scholarships
  • know what’s happening with the NYS and HEART
  • find out about Educational and Training Opportunities
  • find out about the National Youth Policy
  • share a special skill or talent with others
  • meet peers and find friends
  • play outdoor/indoor games
  • find someone to confide in



  • browse the Internet
  • attend Empowerment Sessions/Workshops
  • participate in cultural and sporting activities
  • get assistance in preparing a Resume/CV
  • do a job search
  • receive Career Guidance
  • get assistance in typing an Application Letter or other letters
  • get a photocopy done
  • fax a Resume
  • use the Resource Centre/Reading Area
  • study in a quiet and resourceful place
  • find a Youth Club, a Pastor, a Mentor
  • learn more about using the computer
  • referrals for professional help and counseling