Youth Group Engages Community on Drug Abuse Prevention

Date Published: 
Thursday, April 6, 2017

Approximately 40 young persons from the Exchange SDA Community Youth Group participated in a march against drug abuse in the community of Exchange, St. Ann on Global Youth Day (March 18). As the young advocates made their trek through the community, they issued flyers and brochures on substance misuse. The youth took the time to speak with community members about the dangers of drug abuse as they journeyed across Exchange.

Upon completion of the march, the youth distributed meals and clothing to less fortunate members of the community. The activities were hosted in partnershuip with the Northern Regional Health Authority (NEHRA), who also offered basic health care such as blood sugar and blood pressure checks to community members.

The  Exchange SDA Community Youth Group is a newly-formed youth club in St. Ann. The group, which was started by Senior Youth Empowerment Officer Anisa Wilson-Smith is on a mission to engage youth, and positively impact the community of Exchange.