Youth Labour Market Survey - 2011

Youth employment is critical to the economic growth and development of any nation. It is imperative therefore that systems of measurement and evaluation are implemented to determine the extent to which youth are actively engaged as productive citizens, contributing to economic growth. Youth unemployment rates in Jamaica are considerably high due to lower skill levels and limited work experience. In addition, this skill and work experience profile makes youth more vulnerable to downturns in the labour market. In addition, youth that do work are far more likely to become at risk and involved in criminal activities.

The youth development platform in Jamaica will in a short period of time benefit from the results of a Youth Labour Market Survey being conducted by the National Youth Service, under the IADB/GOJ Youth Development Programme. The objectives of the Consultancy is to conduct a review of existing and emerging markets to identify trends in the demands as related to qualifications and experience for skills training as offered by leading training agencies National Youth Service and the HEART Trust-NTA. In addition, the labour market survey will identify potential jobs for which the NYS and HEART-Trust-NTA could develop training competencies and offer as part of the current training programmes.

The identification of current employment trends in the market place locally, regionally and internationally, will guide a Corporate Outreach Activity of the NYS, which will seek to increase private sector participation in the placement of trained youth. It is expected that this approach will secure long term employment opportunities for young people.

The Youth Labour Market Survey will also help to guide the revision of the core programmes and skills training courses to be developed in the youth sector.