hevy Chase’s Kids: Caley, Emily, and Cydney

Chevy Chase, the beloved American comedian, actor, and writer, is not only a household name but also a devoted dad to his three daughters, Cydney, Caley, and Emily. Born Cornelius Crane Chase, Chevy has been making people laugh for decades, and his family life is no exception.

Here, we’ll delve into the lives of his three daughters, exploring their interests, passions, and relationships with their famous father.

Chevy Chase Family Bond

hevy Chase’s Kids

Chevy and his wife, Jayni Chase, met on the set of the 1981 film Under the Rainbow, and they tied the knot in 1982. The couple has been inseparable ever since, and their daughters are the center of their universe.

“My dad is the funniest and most generous and loving person I know,” Emily, the youngest daughter, said in a family interview with Bedford & New Canaan Magazine in March 2024.

“He has a huge heart, and everything he does is for us, his daughters, and our mom — who he has been completely infatuated with since 1980. We truly couldn’t ask for a better dad.”

Chevy Chase’s 3 Children : Caley, Emily, and Cydney

Cydney Chase, 41

Chevy and Jayni welcomed their first child, Cydney Cathalene Chase, on January 4, 1983. Cydney has grown into a talented singer-songwriter with a passion for painting, yoga, trail running, and being outdoors.

She often shares her musical talents on social media, accompanied by piano or acoustic guitar. Cydney is also an avid painter, frequently posting time-lapse videos of her artistic process. She practices yoga regularly and shares photos and videos from her frequent trail runs and hikes.

Cydney is married to husband Ryan Bartell, a real estate agent at Keller Williams Seven Hills Realty. She often praises her dad’s sense of humor, saying, “Happy Father’s Day to a man who holds onto a sense of humor that is wildly constant and loving.

Thank You, Dab, for all you do and for keeping me laughing!” Cydney has also shared loving tributes to her dad on social media, celebrating his birthday and Father’s Day.

Caley Chase, 39

Chevy and Jayni welcomed their second child, Caley, on January 19, 1985. Caley has followed in her father’s footsteps, pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

She has worked as an actress, musician, and screenwriter, and has even appeared alongside her dad in several films, including Hotel Hell Vacation and Before I Sleep. Caley has also worked as a pianist at The Comedy Store, an iconic comedy club in West Hollywood.

Caley has spoken about the challenges of growing up with a famous father, saying, “It was tricky learning how to make friends and starting to date, because some people are just enamored by fame and try to connect with you for the wrong reasons.”

However, she also acknowledges the positives, saying, “It was also great, because he’s a wonderful and hilarious dad! There was always a lot of laughter in our household — there still is!” Caley has praised her dad’s talent and work ethic, saying, “I look up to my father a lot. He is so good at what he does, and I admire him so much for that.”

Emily Chase, 36

Chevy and Jayni welcomed their third child, Emily, on September 29, 1988. Emily shares her family’s passion for music, having started her first band at age 9. She has also worked with the National Audubon Society and has been involved in various environmental initiatives.

Emily has inherited her parents’ love of animals, often sharing photos of herself surrounded by the family pets.

Emily has a close bond with her dad, frequently sharing photos of them spending quality time together. She has praised her dad’s sense of humor, saying, “Today the big Dab is 80, and what a f—–‘ life he’s led.

From driving NYC taxis to hosting the Oscars multiple times, he’s done more and lived harder than anyone I know.” Emily is expecting her first child, making Chevy a grandfather for the first time.


How many children does Chevy Chase have?

Chevy Chase has three daughters, Cydney, Caley, and Emily.

Who is Chevy Chase’s wife?

Chevy Chase’s wife is Jayni Chase.

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