Who Is Candace Cameron Bure’s Husband? All About Valeri Bure

Candace Cameron Bure, the beloved actress from the iconic TV show Full House, has been married to her husband, Valeri Bure, for an impressive 24 years. Their relationship has been a subject of interest for many, with fans curious about the man behind the successful actress.

Here, we’ll delve into the life of Valeri Bure, exploring his hockey career, their meeting, and their journey together as a couple.

He’s a Former Hockey Player

Candace Cameron Bure’s Husband Valeri Bure

Valeri Bure is a retired hockey player who played in the NHL for 10 seasons between 1994 and 2005. During his career, he played for several teams, including the Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, and Dallas Stars.

His impressive skills on the ice earned him two Olympic medals, a silver medal in 1998 and a bronze medal in 2002, representing Russia.

Valeri and his brother Pavel Bure, also a former NHL player, were born in Moscow, Russia. When Valeri was 17, he traveled to the U.S. with his father and brother so that Pavel could sign with the Vancouver Canucks.

Valeri soon began playing on a junior hockey team, the Spokane Chiefs of the Western Hockey League, becoming the first Russian player in the league’s history.

He Met Candace at a Hockey Game in 1994

The couple’s first meeting was at the 3rd Annual Rock ‘N the Puck Celebrity Hockey Game, which Candace attended with her Full House castmates Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and Lori Loughlin.

Candace recounted the night they first met in a 2021 Instagram post celebrating their wedding anniversary, writing that she’d been watching the “super cute, blonde-haired, extremely talented Russian pro hockey player in the blue helmet.”

He Married Candace in 1996

The couple tied the knot on June 22, 1996, when Candace was 20 years old, and Valeri was 22. Candace has shared several throwback photos of their wedding over the years, including one for their 22nd anniversary. “I love you even more today than I did on our wedding day,” she wrote. “Simply because I KNOW you, 24 years in the making.”

Roughly two years after they wed, Candace and Valeri started their family. Their oldest child, daughter Natasha Valerievna Bure, was born on August 15, 1998. Their sons Lev Valerievich Bure and Maksim “Maks” Valerievich Bure followed on February 20, 2000, and January 20, 2002, respectively.

Candace and Valeri’s kids are all grown up now, with Maks starting college in 2021 and Natasha following in her mom’s acting footsteps. As for Lev, he married Elliott Dunham in January 2024.

Candace Says the Secret to Their Marriage Is Keeping It “Spicy”

Candace has been open about the importance of intimacy in her and Valeri’s relationship. “The longer you’re married, it’s so easy to take each other for granted. You know each other so well that you forget, so you have to keep it spicy,” she said in May 2021. “I love that. My husband and I do. That’s one of the reasons we’ll be celebrating 25 years of marriage.”

Candace has also spoken about the role that Christianity plays in her marriage to Valeri. “The reality is the glue for us is Jesus. It’s the Bible,” she told PEOPLE in 2018.

“You know, when there are arguments or we’re compromising and in ways, it’s always like, ‘Well, let’s just go back to the Bible.’ It’s the foundation for us. So it’s not about winning or losing. But doing this journey together.”

He’s Passionate About Winemaking

In 2006, Valeri and Candace began the Bure Family Winery in Napa, California. In a 2016 interview with the Calgary Flames, Valeri shared that they ran a “small boutique” winery, releasing around 700 cases of wine per year.

“What we are is high-end,” he said. “Everything is done by hand. We don’t cut corners. We use French oak everywhere. We triple-sort. We don’t use tractors in the field. All those little pieces are important to us and make us different.”


How long have Candace Cameron Bure and Valeri Bure been married?

Candace and Valeri have been married for 24 years, since June 22, 1996.

What is Valeri Bure’s occupation? 

Valeri Bure is a retired hockey player and a winemaker.

What is the name of their winery?

The Bure Family Winery is located in Napa, California.

How many children do Candace and Valeri have? 

Candace and Valeri have three children: Natasha, Lev, and Maks.

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